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Sebastian Collett
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Artist: Sebastian Collett
Title: Untitled, from the series "Vanishing Point"
Size: 8.5x11
Paper: Ilford Gold Fibre Silk
Edition: 12
Price: $100


From the artist:
"Revisiting the landscape of my youth, I found myself scouting for people who could serve as “stand-ins” for characters from my past. I spotted this young man from a distance, and before I could even see what he looked like, I knew that I wanted to photograph him. He was happy to pose; I suspect he was flattered to be chosen, and liked the attention. I made three quick exposures, and we parted ways. In his gaze, I find a delicate balance of trust and reserve – suspicion and curiosity – which speaks to that brief moment spent on the cusp of adulthood. As one viewer observed, it's as though he has just discovered the power of his sexuality, but isn't yet sure how to wield it."

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