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Sean Carroll
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Artist: Sean Carroll
Title: Snack Bar, Robert Moses State Park, NY
Size: 8.5x11
Paper: Hahneneuhle Fine Art Pearl
Edition: 12
Price: $100


From the artist:
"In the dead of summer millions flock to the string of preserved beaches that line the barrier islands off the south shore of Long Island, New York. Seeking respite from the heat and humidity of relentless east coast summers, beachgoers brave endless traffic and unbelievable crowds for a bit of sun, sea air, surf, and sand. Having been raised in a coastal town I, too, pine for time at the beach as the weather turns hot.

On a 100 degree day during Fourth of July weekend in 2013 I visited Robert Moses State Park on the far western end of Fire Island. The snack bar is a must on any visit to the beach for ice cream, beer, fries, hot dogs, and, apparently, romance. "

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