• Image of Richard Bram

Artist: Richard Bram
Title: Sno-Cone, SoHo, New York 2011
Size: 8.5x11
Paper: Canson-Infinity Rag Photographique, 210 gsm.
Edition: 12
Price: $100


From Issue 48

"In March 2011, one of my favorite places to shoot is the intersection of Broadway and Spring Street in SoHo. On a busy Saturday, it is absolutely heaving with people, constantly changing and offering up new possibilities every second. Trying to make visual sense of it can be overwhelming if you're not prepared for that torrent of faces. "Sno-Cone" was shot very close to the subjects, no more than three or four feet, with a 24mm lens. While the eye is drawn immediately to the girl and her bright red Sno-Cone, the picture also is about the dance of color across the frame, the implied 'X' of the converging diagonals and the joy of sunlight on a breezy, crisp early Spring day."

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