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Kottie Gaydos
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Artist: Kottie Gaydos

Title: Tashi Nora, Gerta

Size: 8.5x11 

Paper: Fuji Professional Crystal Archive Super Type, luster

Edition: 12 

Price: $100


From the artist:
At the time that this photograph was taken I had known Tashi Nora for two years. At 17, he seemed split between two worlds—making many of the decisions that will shape his life. This day was toward the end of my stay, and Tashi Nora and I hadn’t spent much time together. Looking back on it, this photograph feels like a turning point in our friendship. Shortly after the image was taken, he took me to the abandoned house where his mother was born. He took pictures of the yard with my Mamiya, and it seemed like we forgot about things for a while: the heavy decisions on his mind, and, for me, the fact that I would soon be leaving

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