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Gwynne Johnson - Untitled (Hand in Grass)
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Artist: Gwynne Johnson
Title: Untitled
Size: 8.5x11
Paper: Ilford Luster
Edition: 12
Price: $100


From Issue 47

About this image, in her words. . .
"This photograph was made for a body of work dealing with the experience of the emigrant. While making these images I was thinking about those who are geographically and temporally exiled, by choice or force, and the resulting feelings of separation and estrangement that often accompany such circumstances. The emigrant straddles two places and cultures, the old and the new, and often must live in the in between.
The gash in the earth functions in a number of ways: it refers to a physical separation of land, a psychological wound, and an interruption in continuity. The hand similarly offers multiple reads but ultimately its intentions and desires remain ambiguous. Does it look forward, seeking to wrap a finger under the earth to peal back the sod and reveal a future? Or does it reach longingly into the darkness in the hope of touching the past?"

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